Workshops Attended

As of right now, this far into my University experience, I been able to attend one workshop.

In early February (2017) I had the privilege of attending the Blanket Exercise training held by U.R. STARS (University of Regina’s Students & Teachers Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppressive Society). As a result of attending this training I am now able to facilitate the Blanket Exercise. While this activity offers a unique dimension to the exercise it is the content that you learn and emotions you feel through this exercise that is of the most importance.   Overall, it was a valuable experience  that every educator should have. The exercise can be modified to the audience, for example there is an elementary and high school version. This Blanket Exercise highlights the harsh realities of Canadian-Indigenous history in an effective and interactive way that aims to take steps towards reconciliation. This exercise is one of many I wish to bring with me into my future classroom.