Websites and Other Online Resources

Physical Education Links: (Physical Health and Education Canada) (Active for Life) (Canadian Sport For Life For Educators) (Growing Young Movers) (Saskatchewan in Motion) (2015 Participaction Report Card) (Fundamental Movement Skills Resource) (Tinikling-Flipino Dance)

Indigenous Studies: (Elder Testimony)

Math: (Resource for Math Games) (Working in Base 12)

Science: (What a Year on Earth Really Looks Like)  (Sink and Float Video) (The States- Liquids, Solids, and Gases) (Oil and Water Experiment)

Music:!/blogs/2015/6/McGill-professor-uses-Auto-Tune-to-make-a-Renaissance-theorists-dream-come-true (2 Short Examples of Microtonal Music)

English: (Novel Study- Chocolate Fever) (Part 1-Chocolate Fever Novel Study) (Part 2- Chocolate Fever Novel Study)

French: (Review for Family Vocabulary)   (Bonjour Monsieur Comment Ca Va; Body parts song) (Farm Animals) (Valentines Day) (Online Textbook, Activities, and Descriptions about how to learn French, can be adapted for every grade) (Lesson, Games, and Tests for Beginner French)

History/ Social Studies:   (Continents song)–E   (Continents information video)    (Maps and globes) (Silly continent story)

Other Languages: (Swahili Counting up to 10)

Typing:  (Learning to type resource)

Other Useful Links: (Indoor Recess Activities) (Petting a dog, when is it okay) (“)   (“) (“)

Educational Topic Links: (Saskatchewan Curriculum Site) (Saskatchewan Teachers Federation) (Inclusive Education) (Learning, Teaching, and Leading in the Digital Age) (Digital Citizenship) (The Day in the Life in a Classroom)

Technology in the Classroom: (Best Apps for Teaching and Learning in 2015) (Digital Citizenship)