Telling Time – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Name: Kaytlyn Placatka

Date: October 25, 2017

Subject: Math

Grade: Four

Content (Topic):

Telling Time

Instructional Strategies:

  • Active Participation
  • Listening and Viewing


SS4.1 Demonstrate an understanding of time


A. State the number of hours in a day.

B. Express the time orally and numerically shown on a 12-hour analog clock.

G.Explain the meaning of AM and PM, and provide an example of an activity that occurs during the AM and another that occurs during the PM.

Prerequisite Learning:

Students should have a basic concept of numbers one through twelve in order to participate fully and to receive the most out of this learning experience.

Differentiated Learning/Adaptive Dimension:

  • Visual representation of a clock and how telling time works
  • Learnings from the set are written on chart paper posted on the board
  • Words to lyrics for the activity will be written on the board

Preparation (Materials, Resources, Equipment):

  • Chart paper
  • Markers
  • Construction paper
  • Sticky Tack
  • Whiteboard
  • Whiteboard Marker

Student Engagement/ Classroom Management Strategies:

  • Use a song in the development portion of the activity to enhance learning
  • Use a call and response strategy to gather students focus

Set (min 10)

Ask students what they already know about telling time. For example, what are hands on a clock? What is the difference between the short and long hands? What types of clocks are there? Etc. Then proceed to instruct directly, covering the basic components of telling time following this template. 

Development (min 10-15)

With students use an interactive model of a clock to demonstrate the different times there are; such as the one shown in this video . Students can engage by moving the hands of the clock to represent the shift in time. Students will then take their learning further by engaging in an interactive activity that promotes learning to tell time through song and physical activity; as in these videos . After the activity students will gather once again and we will discuss what am and pm is. In order to take learning further students will gather in groups in their desks and proceed to draw or write things down that correspond to when they happen in the day, am or pm.

Closure (min 5-10)

Recap with students what we have learned over the course of this lesson. At this time clarify any misconceptions or misunderstandings. Ask students what the purpose of today’s lesson and why it is important that everyone knows how to tell time.