Properties of Sound: Pan Flute – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Name: Kaytlyn Placatka                                                                 

Date: November 15th, 2017

Subject: Science                                                                             

 Grade: Four

Content (Topic):

Properties of Sound

Instructional Strategies:

  • Generating and testing hypotheses
  • Guided Inquiry


SO4.2 Draw conclusions about the characteristics and physical properties of sound, including pitch and loudness, based on observation. [CP, SI]


I. State and test a prediction about how the pitch and loudness of a sound can be altered.

J. Design and construct a device such as a musical instrument which has the ability to create sounds of variable pitch and/or loudness.

Prerequisite Learning:

Development of students fine motor skills will be required in order to cut the straws to the appropriate length; in addition, students will require the basic understanding of how to measure.

Differentiated Learning/Adaptive Dimensions:

  • Instructions will be written on the board to aid students throughout the construction of their panflute.
  • For the students that struggle with the concept of measurements, there will be the correct length of each straw drawn upon the board for students to check the length of the straw to ensure the straws are cut at the correct length.
  • For the students that finish creating their pan flute early, they will use all of the ends they cut off their previous straws, place them in a line from shortest to longest, and create a second mini pan flute.

Preparation (Materials, Resources, Equipment):

  • Straws (8 per student)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Rulers
  • Markers
  • Speaker
  • Aux Cord

Student Engagement/ Classroom Management Strategies:

  • Play quiet music while students are constructing their panflute to calm the setting in the classroom. 
  • Ensure there is work for students to do upon the completion of their panflute, as students will complete their windpipes at various times.

Set (Min 10 )

To start the day’s lesson I will first start by having a discussion about pan flutes by asking students questions such as, “Does anyone know what a panflute is?” or “Does anyone have a guess what a panflute may be?” as well as, “What type of sound do you think a pan flute would make?”. I will then read a brief history of the pan flute. Next, I would engage students by playing this video upon the completion of this video I will ask students to briefly talk about the video they have just watched before moving onto the development section of this lesson.

Development (Min 30 )

In this stage, students will create their own pan flute following this pdf document It is at this stage that students will explore the properties of sound.

Closure (Min 10)

At the end of the lesson, students will be brought together for one last discussion regarding what the students will have learned about the properties of sound. Students will then be given a sheet of make to fill out two questions to check their understanding.