Learning About Different Abilities & Fairness

Title of Children’s Book:  Susan Laughs

Author(s) of Children’s Book:  Jeanne Willis

Brief Summary of the Book:

In this book, the author talks about Susan. She describes Susan doing things that all students do. Susan does things like laughs, smiles, gets mad, just like all children. At the end of the book the illustration is a picture of Susan who is in a wheel chair. The author never mentioned or illustrated anything about the wheel chair until the end.

Title of Children’s Book):  Keep Your Ear on the Ball

Author(s) of Children’s Book:  Genevieve Petrillo

Brief Summary of the Book:

This book is based on a true story. In the book I chose, there is a new student named Davie. Davie is an independent student who has a visual impairment. All the students try to help Davie but his answer is always “Thanks, but no thanks”. Although Davie is not like the other students, he is still capable of doing everything on his own. His well- meaning classmates stop offering help when they see how able Davey is. They stop helping him until he tries to play kickball. After many failed attempts to kick the ball and an incident resulting in a trampled base keeper, no one wants Davie on their team anymore. The students see how upset this makes Davie feel so they come together to make a plan so he can play. They create a plan that allows Davie to participate freely without help from others. The children tell Davie to “Keep his ear on the ball” as it rolls towards him, once kicked, the keeper at first base yells “First base Davie. I am at first base” so Davie knows where to go. This plan worked perfectly and allowed Davie to participate freely and independently. The students learned that “interdependence can be just as important and rewarding as independence.”

Title of Children’s Book):  Even Superheroes Get Diabetes

Author(s) of Children’s Book:  Sue Ganz-Schmitt

Link of Book Being Read:

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Brief Summary of the Book:

Kelvin is a boy that loves “Superheroes”.  He spends most of his time playing superheroes and fighting villains with his friends.  Kelvin and hid friends always saves the day in there play!  One day Kelvin’s fantasy world of playing Superheroes is interrupted by getting Type One Diabetes.  He gets sick with the symptoms of no energy, won’t eat, going to the bathroom a lot, and drinking lots of water.  He was waiting so long to go to a new superhero movie with his family, but suddenly got sick.  He goes for a nap and gets up feeling sicker. Kelvin’s parents rush him to the hospital to see what is wrong with him.  He gets admitted to the hospital and a specialist doctor uncovers that Kelvin has superpowers of Type One Diabetes. The specialist doctor explains to Kelvin that he has superpowers of Type One Diabetes and explains what is happening to his body.  The doctor makes Kelvin take a superhero oath about taking care of himself and how to help others with his special powers.  The finger pricks, shots, and the many doctor’s appointments makes him upset about his Type One Diabetes.  When he got out of the hospital he gets to go see the new movie, except his mother was watching everything he was eating, which made him upset.  Kelvin had many doctors’ appointments.  His new specialist doctor invites Kelvin into his special library for superheroes, the doctor explains that Kelvin has to be his assistant superhero in training to help other diabetic children.  They go on an adventure around the town to assist children with diabetes that forgot their glucose supplies, to read the amount of insulin for the children on the needles, and drop off extra supplies of insulin to the hospitals that run out.  They go on the adventure together.  Kelvin had his insulin pump on him the first day back at school and all the children were very accepted of him, when he explained he was a superhero and had special powers of Type One Diabetes. The children in Kelvin’s class were even more excited to learn about his superpowers of Type One Diabetes.

Title of Children’s Book): Back to Front and Upside Down

Author(s) of Children’s Book: Claire Alexander

Brief Summary of the Book:

This book takes place in a classroom, with a bunch of animals as the characters. In the classroom is a student, Stan, who has dyslexia. Stan notices that he is having trouble and taking longer to spell words, and other students in the class are not. He felt uncomfortable asking the teacher, Miss Catnip, for help because he was scared everyone would laugh at him and judge him for having trouble. Eventually, he confides in one of his friends about his problem, and his friend encourages him to ask for help, saying, “We all have to ask for help sometimes.” When he asked for help, so did another student in the class. Miss Catnip worked with them and they practiced until they were confident in themselves! The book ends by Stan saying that now whenever he needs some help, he always asks for it.

*Book selection & summary made in conjunction with students from Winter 2017 ECE 325 class.