Learning About Culture, Language & Fairness

Title of Children’s Book): One Green Apple

Author(s) of Children’s Book: Eve Bunting

Brief Summary of the Book:

In this book, there is a young girl who is from a different country and feels like she does not belong because she looks and talks different from all the other children. One day they went on a field trip to an apple farm and she found the only green apple. With the apples the students picked, the whole class made apple cider. After the trip, she begins saying some English words and other children are pointing to object and saying the name to help her learn. The little girl says “I will blend with the others the way my apple did with the cider”

Title of Children’s Book: A Promise is a Promise

Author(s) of Children’s Book:  Robert Munsch and Micheal Kusugak

Brief Summary of the Book:

“A Promise is a Promise” is based on an Inuit folk tale about the Qallupilluit and how if children got too close to the sea ice without their parents they would grab the children. In the story a young girl promises her mother that she will not go near the sea ice to fish but go to the lake instead. She breaks her promise to her mother and goes to fish on the sea ice where the Qallupilluit grab her. She then promises to bring the Qallupilluit all her brothers and sisters so they let her go with the promise she will bring them her siblings. The story is a moral fable about making promises and keeping them, showing what will happen when you make promises and don’t keep them as well as not listening to your parents or caregivers.

Title of Children’s Book: From Far and Wide: a Canadian Citizenship Scrapbook

Author(s) of Children’s Book: Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet

Brief Summary of the Book:

This book tells the tale of one young Chinese girl becoming a Canadian citizen. This book describes the process through her eyes and contains useful information about the process. Everything from the singing of the National Anthem, to the reciting of the oath, to the celebration afterward is presented in the form of a colourful scrapbook.

Title of Children’s Book:  Chrysanthemum

Author(s) of Children’s Book: Kevin Henkes

Brief Summary of the Book:

Chrysanthemum is a picture book written about a mouse with a unique name. Chrysanthemum enters school confident and happy until she realizes that she is different than the other students because of her long name. The students recognize this difference and tease Chrysanthemum because of it. The book points out the feelings that arise due to bullying and how the situation can be changed to make everyone feel welcomed and accepted. The teacher plays a big role in including everyone in the classroom and making them feel loved.

*Book selection & summary made in conjunction with students from Winter 2017 ECE 325 class.