About Me

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My name is Kaytlyn Placatka. I am a third-year student in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina and this is my educational journey! From a young age, I have always had a passion for athletics and the arts. As I grew, so did my love for learning. From skating and tap dance lessons to snowboarding and basketball to my love for art and exploring nature my interests grew. They still do! Thus, came my aspiration to become a teacher!


Being an education student at the University of Regina has provided me with ample learning experiences that I am proud to have experienced. This includes observing a grade two classroom, being an educational tutor in an EAL/ESL  high school classroom, tutoring at Paul Dojack Youth Centre, and pre-interning in a grade four classroom. I was also privileged enough to continue one of my passions by coaching St. Josphat’s girls’ basketball team during my second semester. What an honor it was! I am so grateful I received the opportunity to watch my players grow both as an individual and team. I am most certainly looking forward to coaching again in the future.

This year, while taking a full course load, I picked up working at a daycare working with children ranging from six months to pre-school aged children. When I’m not attending classes I work for Duck Mountain Provincial Park. It is truly an educationally packed park! From taking walk with one of our interpreters on one of the hiking trails to taking swimming lessons it is a park full of learning galore!

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Lately, I have been working towards continuing my education further. I have taken a particular interest in the integration of technology in the classroom. Be sure to follow me on twitter for more of my latest learning @kplacatka.

Currently, I have just finshed my Pre-Internship experience. Be sure to check out some of my blog posts regarding my experiences throughout my Pre-Internship and am looking forward to my internship in the fall.

When I have free time outside of classes or work I enjoy spending time visiting family and friends, painting, hiking, running, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, reading, snowboarding, traveling, being outdoors, helping people, volunteering, or doing anything where I’m being physically active. Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to follow me throughout my journey to become an educator!

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