Peer Mentoring

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It is crazy to believe that the semester has now been brought to a close.  But, the final assignment for the semester is here! Over the course of the semester ed. tech. 400 classmates have been mentoring ed. tech. 300 classmates as part of one of our assignments. Thus creating the opportunity for peer mentoring! In order to track this assignment, we were to keep a log of all interactions, here is a link to mine.

Meet the Mentees!

I was given three students to mentor for this project: Justine, Thunderbird, and Zunaira. Please feel free to take a look at their blogs, I’m sure they would appreciate a comment or two! I liked how for this assignment by following my mentees blog posts I was able to see how their learning progressed over the course of the semester. Overall, I felt that this assignment was beneficial as it provided an opportunity for peer teaching and PLN development. The majority of our interactions took place over blog comments, in slack, or on twitter.

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I think this assignment was challenging because there is no face to face aspect. With that being said all communication is online and sometimes it is nice to talk one on one with someone about difficulties you may be having rather than to a stranger online. With that being said I think my mentees are very hard working independent students as often times it did not seem as though they were in need of assistance, although I offered anyways.  So I settled in for a more supporting type role, offering blog comments on my mentees posts, offering suggestions, resources, things their posts reminded me of,  or words of encouragement.

In conclusion, I am happy to have had the experience of being a peer mentor and I hope it has helped my mentees learning journey!

One thought on “Peer Mentoring

  1. Hi Kaytlyn,

    I also found it a bit strange to mentor without ever having face-to-face contact. It took a bit of adjusting but it turned out to be a really great experience. I especially enjoyed watching as they progressed with both their learning projects and their tech use. They all did so good! Thanks for sharing!


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