Summary of Learning

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It is hard to believe how fast the semester has gone by, but here we are in the last week of classes already! Educational Technology 400 has been a wonderful class that I am happy to have had the chance to take. This class, along with the 300 level class, are definitely classes I would recommend to any future educator- and already have!

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With that being said, one of the final assignments for this class was to create a summary of learning. For this, my classmate Ashlee and I decided to collaborate for this project. To add an element of humor to celebrate our learning, Ashlee and I thought it would be funny to present our summary of learning as if it was a Great Ed. Tech. Debate, just like one of our previous assignments we had done in class. This way not only would our video be filled with all of our new learnings but it would also be interesting. So that was exactly what we did. Here is our Summary of Learning for Educational Technology 400:

Over the course of this semester, so many important topics and discussions took place I am happy to say that I was able to have a part in that.

2 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. Ms.Sydney McGrath

    Hi Kaytlyn! This is a great idea that you and Ashlee did for you summary of learning! I love how you have continued on with the debate template and made it your own! You raised some great points throughout the video! Awesome work you two!


  2. Hey Kaytlyn,
    Great job! I liked the idea of collaboration you and Ashlee used. Like Syndey said, it was neat how you used the same format for your summary of learning as we did for the debates. Also, kudos to you for creating another Powtoon for this class – they are time-consuming so hats off to you for that. Have a great summer and good luck with your teaching career!
    – Jayden


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