Missing Nimama

What a day! Today’s classroom experience was one that full of learning! At the start of the day I taught my lesson for the day in English. To start the lesson I read students the book “Missing Nimama”. Before we began reading the book students all made inferences as to what they thought the book would be about, some of the students were spot on! Next, we flipped to one of the beginning pages where the book identified some Cree words that would be used in the book. We then wrote out these words on the board with their meaning written beside them. While doing this, as a class, we sounded out each word; keeping in mind that when speaking Cree the letter k is pronounced as “g” . I then asked the students what languages they all spoke and there was a variety that was shared! As we read the book students were very engaged and asking questions throughout. At the end of the book students then were to take out a piece of paper and summarize or retell the story in some format (via a comic strip, poem, song, paragraphic format, etc.) in addition the students had to include the following in there responses:

  • Title
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Problem
  • Events
  • Conclusion

I wanted to use this book in particular for this lesson as it includes Indigenous content, such as muddled and missing indigenous women in a child friendly manner. While this was an emotional topic it is valuable as it relates directly to students lives.

Following this we proceeded with the rest of the day. After lunch and I my teaching partner and I read the book “the book with no pictures” and the kids LOVED it! This book is definitely would I would like to have in my classroom library! Later in the afternoon we then had an artist come into the classroom that taught the class about drama, it was an interesting lesson; the artist in her career even acted on the Saskatchewan comedy Corner Gas as the cranky librarian. All in all it was another wonderful day and I cannot believe how fast this semester has been flying by! Only one more field experience to go before our winter break, but I am excited to return to the classroom for the three week block of my pre-internship next semester.


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