Emotional Emojis

After another crazy week of classes, my Wednesday field experience has come and gone. This past Wednesday I taught a lesson about our feelings/emotions in regards to how it feels when you are included or excluded. The lesson began by students reading books about various emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness, etc. in their table groups. Once they completed their books, we then brought in drama to the day’s health lesson by playing “Emotional Animals” where students would roll two dice (1 die’s faces were all animals and the other die’s faces were emotions) and have to act out the results, almost like charades. The students LOVED this, it is definitely something I will hold onto and use in the future.

Next, in order to relate to students interests and to check their understandings of what emotions/feelings are I gave out a handout that had a few scenarios and students would cut out emoji’s and then glue them to the scenario that they felt fit best…. This is a formative assessment that I will also keep for later in my teaching career. Following the completion of the “Emotional Emojis” handout students then gathered on the mat.

From there we then read an excerpt from a children’s book that talked about inclusion. We then had a discussion about why it is important to include others and how it makes people feel when they are excluded. Which is then where one student asked, “What is autism?”. What a teachable moment! I am glad I had my cooperating teacher there as she aided me in my explanation. But after it was explained there weren’t any more questions as all of the students seemed to understand and were very respectful. This students question was a reminder that, as teachers, we always have to be prepared to answer questions in a student-friendly way.

After our discussion, students then went back to their table groups and were given a sheet of chart paper. On the paper students wrote, “Some ways I can include my peers”. Students then brainstormed and discussed with their classmates some ways that they could include their peers by either writing or drawing on the chart paper.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and I am looking forward to my next teaching opportunity.


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