Telling Time

Well, another great Wednesday has been spent with my energetic group of grade fours! All of the students are excited about the upcoming holiday Halloween; especially since my cooperating teacher did an art lesson with the students that tied into Halloween. Each of the students made a “mumpkin”, which is a pumpkin that also looks like a mummy. Here are some of the student’s final products: 

After Arts Ed, the students went outside for recess. Following the ring of the bell, the students strolled in and I began teaching my math lesson about time. First, I opened the discussion around what the student’s prior knowledge was, regarding time. I did this through asking guiding questions that stimulated and provoked thought, students then shared what they knew about time, some students went up to the board and using the clock on the whiteboard as an aid to their description of time. I was certainly impressed with all that they already knew! I then went over the concepts of time, I.e. The types of clocks, what certain hands on a clock mean, how we measure time, and how we say what time it is; such as how we say, “It is ten o’clock”. 

After this, we then moved onto the development section of the lesson by, firstly, singing and dancing along to a song that helped support students learning about telling time. After this, we transitioned into group work where each group of students had a sheet of chart paper that they then drew a line halfway across the page labeling one side am and the other pm. Students then drew events that corresponded to when they usually occur such as drawing breakfast in am. Here are the student’s results:

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Following each groups completion of the activity, at their own pace, students would hang up their work on the whiteboard with sticky tack and then sit back down and discuss what they would like to discuss or share with the class once everyone was done their work. Once this was done, all of the students gathered on the floor and each group took a turn presenting what they had drawn, why they drew what they did, and how they determined what went in which category. Following the last groups presentation, I asked more questions such as, “Why do you think we learnt about this today? Why is it important for everyone to be able to tell time?” The answers were phenomenal. The students really understood the whole purpose behind why we learnt about what we did. All in all, it was another wonderful day in the classroom and I am looking forward to this upcoming Wednesday!


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