Chocolate Chip Cookies!

The second day in schools was a BLAST! The kids were great! My day started off wondering if we would have power or not at the school; as the night before there were high winds, trees were fallen, and multiple fires across Saskatchewan. As it turned out there was power, YAY! The day busily began from there as all of the little bodies entered the classroom. The morning flew by, and my teaching partner and I were even able to purchase Menchies frozen yogurt for a school fundraiser during lunch. After the break was over, our class moved onto arts ed where we practiced playing the ukelele. Once arts ed was done the students went outside for recess while myself and my teaching partner set up our lesson, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mining!

The kids were so excited for this lesson all day; which was a wonderful way to end our day with the students. Throughout the lesson, the students were all engaged and knew what they were doing; although there were few times where we clarified what was happening. Overall, the students really understood the significance of why we were doing what we were doing; to quote one our students, “We need to take care of the land and Earth because we only have one”.

And to make things even better, one of our students made us this to give to us at the end of the day; it warmed my heart!

All in all, it was a wonderful day! I can’t wait to see what will be in store for this upcoming Wednesday!



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