Day One

And just like that Pre-Internship begins! This past Wednesday was my teaching partner’s and I’s first day at our field placement. The atmosphere of the classroom was very welcoming. Right away I noticed the Metis symbol on a scarf draped over the door, which I absolutely love! In the classroom, there was lots of natural light streaming in from the windows creating a calm feeling throughout the room. In the room, there was organization evident in lots of aspects of the room. Students were also seated in clusters to support each others learning. As well, there were some alternate seating arrangements in the center of the room.

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I am happy to say we had a very busy/active day with my group of grade fours. The beginning of the day began by greeting our students as they walked through the door. It was so nice to see all of their faces light up when they were greeted either by a “good morning” or “how are you this morning?”.  Following the ringing of the school bell, we proceeded to fill out the agendas in the morning and then my teaching partner and I began our introductory lesson. You can find our activity by clicking here. After our activity, we handed out an All ABout Me worksheet to the kids that they could fill out, clour, or both. As each student may complete this at a different time our cooperating teacher provided bell work that the students could do while everyone finished their worksheets. The purpose behind the All About Me worksheet was that after the students were done we could take in those sheets and read them in order to learn more about the students and what they are interested in so that hopefully, in future lessons, we can incorporate some of the student’s interests into our lessons.

After this was completed our cooperating teacher read a book to the entire class, which is something she believes should be done every day. I will definitely consider doing this in my future classroom! We then moved on to have recesses, students worked on their literacy skills during their daily five, had lunch, and then students ended the day with some guided inquiry about the Earth’s layers.  Throughout the day my partner and I had time to learn about some of the school’s policies and procedures, how to do students reading level assessment, and even did some prepping with our cooperating teacher. Overall, it was a wonderful way to spend our first day in the classroom!

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