The Sea is Calling!

For the final week of my learning project, I decided to paint a seascape. Once again I turned to YouTube for some good painting inspiration. Without a doubt I found exactly what I was looking for, a beautiful seascape tutorial with soft gorgeous colors. The artist’s name is Katie and here is her YouTube tutorial on how to paint a seascape:

I must say that Katie’s YouTube channel is an excellent source to learn from. At the start of her video, Katie directs you to the description box of the YouTube video and tells you what colors she’ll be using through the painting and provides a link to the image she is painting. Katie also recommends having some type of copy of the image you’ll be using near you so that it’s easy to refer back to once you have started your painting. Katie does an excellent job of explaining what she is doing, why she is doing it, and how she is accomplishing her final product. Which is great to know when you are trying to learn. Thanks, Katie! For more information, Katie can be found on the following social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

After watching her video a few times off to paint I went! The first thing I did was break down my painting into a couple of sections as you can see here. As Kim and I were discussing on a previous blog post, nature is imperfect and when you are trying to recreate it you have to be careful not to try and make everything look “perfect”. Nature is random, and maybe that’s what makes it so beautiful. My point here is that in this image you can see the two sections coming together at random points and it is important to do so in order to keep the painting looking like the original image.

Next, I started blocking in the shadows and hills, Which starting to give my painting a bit more structure in that there is now a solid background and skyline.Which prompted me to start on the next section… the addition of clouds.


With the clouds beginning to fall into place we start to see more variations of color brought to life. The clouds are wispy and blended into the background. It is in this stage where we flip the image of the clouds onto the water, keeping in mind the mirrored image of the clouds should be a little bit darker.

Next, I started to bring more colors into play, specifically to the clouds. This would be the more pinky and yellowish tones. These colors are added to the canvas with a scuffling method.



Lastly, I went and did some eye detail, adding more blue back in and defining a few areas with lighter colors. Along with darkening up the shoreline in the distance and creating a shore along the bottom of the canvas.



Overall, I am quite happy with how this piece and this weeks learning went. Here is a time-lapse of my painting from start to finish:



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