Contributions to Others Learning

Part of our ECMP355 class is based on how we help one another and aid one each other’s learning. This takes place on our Google plus community, twitter, blog comments, creating resources, etc. To show all of my interactions I took a variety of screenshots, provided links, and inserted tweets into this blog post. For the remainder of this post, I will break down the different sections of my contributions to others learning.

Google Plus Community:

Google Plus is an online community where members can share, ask questions, post etc. I contributed to others learning in a  number of ways from answering questions, as seen in the images below…

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To sharing resources…

To providing Screencasts:

Please click the link for the following screencasts to view-  How to change a hyperlink’s color on WordPress, How to upload a screencast to WordPress without uploading to YouTube, Where our Twitter list to subscribe to is, How to upload a legal picture, and How to use 1-click timer.


Every day since the start of class I shared at least one-five tweets. These tweets were educational resources to do with educational technology in general, specific tech tools or pertained to our discussions in class. To see some examples of these tweets please check out my twitter account here. Along with this I reply to various classmates tweets and engage in meaningful discussion.


As part of our post requirements, we are to be blogging weekly, multiple times per week.  In saying that, we also are supposed to make comments on each other’s blogs. Here are some examples of my comments I have made on some of my classmate’s blogs:

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All in all I think contributing to the learning of others has helped myself gain a better perspective into what this course was all about. As well, has helped put into perspective what teaching with tech integrated into the classroom would be like.


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