The Night Sky

This week I out my focus towards painting the night sky. While I have tackled other forms/variables of sky (i.e. painting clouds, sunsets, etc.) I have not yet tried painting the night sky, up until now. This week was also the week where I wanted to try and form my own timelapse. Some parts went well and others, well, I learned from them. As for my inspiration this week I followed this YouTube video by MarsupialPudding:

I absolutely loved this artist’s technique! I definitely learned a few tricks! For example, how the artist in the video uses a fan brush to form the tree tops.  By using the fan brush in this way the artist is able to manipulate the paint in a way that makes it look like real trees with ease and efficiency. If you were to use just a really tiny brush the paint each branch of the tree it would be very difficult to get the same effect in that the branches would be very defined, looking either like they don’t belong or ‘too perfect’ for what a real tree actually looks like. A real tree isn’t uniform, it is perfectly imperfect. Secondly, I learned that when painting a night sky it works the best to paint your background first and add in color afterward, as it is easier to make a picture lighter and more colorful after than it is to make a picture darker while trying to keep the bright colors. Thirdly, I learned to make stars it works well to dab either a fan brush or a smaller brush in white paint and tap the end of the brush (as shown in the video) to create tiny specs (STARS!) over the desired area of your canvas… p.s. wear something you won’t mind getting tiny white specs of paint on.

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to create a timelapse for this painting. So, I did my research and tested out the time-lapse option on my iPhone and everything worked out well. I was good to go! And then I ran out of storage… once again finding out after I was already into my painting. ARG! Another learning experience I suppose. So for all of you people out there that are about to create a time-lapse make sure you have enough storage! Anywho here is a glimpse of my painting getting started in a time-lapse format (click on the link to view).

Overall, I would say I am happy with my progress this week. I learned some very useful tips; as well I learned to make sure you have the right amount of storage. Here are my final results for this weeks painting:



7 thoughts on “The Night Sky

  1. Wow, beautiful painting Kaytlyn! I went to a paint night a little while ago and the painting we were doing was very similar to this. My painting did not turn out NEARLY this good. I wish I had known the techniques you shared before I had gone!

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  2. Great painting Kaytlyn,
    Was it difficult to figure out that something like the imperfections of painting a tree is what makes it so great? What I mean is at first, was that something that held you back while painting? Trying to be perfect?

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    1. I think so Kim. Rather than trying to make my paintings perfect the first time, as I was trying to do earlier, now I would go along with any imperfections. From this I have learned that what makes a painting great is creating imperfections and turning your mistakes, into something beautiful.


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