Sleuthing: Take One

Sleuthing. Not a word I would have known before today. But now I do! Sleuthing is, in a technological context, basically looking up someone online and digging around to find something, or as some of the younger generation would call it, “creeping”. Anywho, for today’s blog post I will be sleuthing a fellow ECMP355 classmate, Darren Brinklow. After doing some searching on Google and Duck Duck Go I drew the following conclusions about Darren’s online presence.

Professional (job-related):

  • Science and Math Teacher at Radville Regional High School in Radville, SK
  • Science Honours at Trent University (Dean’s List) in 2011
  • Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University in 2013
  • Athletic Director at Radville Regional High School

Biographical (age, birthday, location, family, appearance, etc.):

  • Born May 4th
  • Lives in Radville, SK
  • Grew up in Warsaw, a small farming community in Southern Ontario
  • Wife (Kayla)
  • Son (that is newer to the world)
  • Physically: blonde with blue eyes

Personal (hobbies, activities, likes/dislikes, etc.):

  • High School Athletics
  • Coaching Volleyball and Track and Field
  • Enjoys playing lacrosse, hockey, and baseball
  • Enjoying working on vehicles and drag racing
  • Enjoys spending time with wife (also an educator) and son
  • Outdoorsman

Where are they on the web (Social Networks etc.):

Overall Impression:

Very professional and positive online presence. I certainly have found more activity in the creation of your online presence in the last few months, as there was not too much before then. Great progress Darren and keep up the good work for the remainder of the course!

Quite an experience sleuthing is! I can see how some people may see it as an invasion of their privacy. Hence, why it is so important nowadays to have your privacy set as you desire. In today’s world where your digital identity is forever it is crucial that we have a positive online identity both for ourselves and to set a good example for our students. As educators, it is imperative that we take the preventative measures needed to portray the digital identities we want for ourselves.




4 thoughts on “Sleuthing: Take One

  1. Jon Wilmot Ed Blogs

    Very interesting all of the information you can find out about someone through online. Shows people just how important it is to have a good digital identity. Which it seems like Darren does! Looks like Darren has accomplished a lot academically, as well has given a lot of his time back to the community. Very good work Darren, and very nice write up Kaytilyn.

    Liked by 1 person

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