Tick Tock Goes The Clock – Exploring 1-Click Timer

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For this blog post I decided to explore 1-Click Timer. This Chrome extension is essentially a timer, but rather than reaching for your phone, googling a link to find an online timer, or physically setting a timer (as in on that you have to turn) it is only a click away once installed.

After playing around with the extension I have to say that I LOVE the actual timer. I find the guitar chords quite relaxing/calming; which is different from the regular alarm/breaking out of prison timer. I think that timer the sound it is would be a nice way to bring back students attention slowly and calming rather than stopping students abruptly and in a hurry.

One of its weaknesses would be that it doesn’t go higher than 60 minutes 😦  I would have to say its most predominant strength is that it is convenient, quick, and easy to use! But most of all very user friendly! There is also a variety of sounds to choose from which is nice. Especially if someone didn’t care for this one, however I think it’s lovely!

As for potential 1-Click-Timer has in the classroom, I would say it’s limitless. I can’t think of a time when a teacher isn’t saying five more minutes, two minutes, one minute etc. 1-Click-Timer provides a clear visual that is easy for both teachers and students to use. It’s definitely something I will be including throughout my teaching practice. I would highly recommend this to other educators! Check it out!



6 thoughts on “Tick Tock Goes The Clock – Exploring 1-Click Timer

  1. Thank you for this Kaytlyn! Although there are many timers that can be found online, you are correct that it is sometimes time consuming to find one that you like or even pull one up for your class. I like how this one can be readily available on google chrome and that you can put it up on something like a smart board for the students to view!

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  2. Visual timers have become an essential part of my day as an elementary teacher. Students need to be able to look and see how much time they have to complete a task. It helps with the development of their time management skills and eliminates the need for me to remind them how much time they have left. They are in control of their own pacing, etc.

    The downside of my visual timer, however, is that the battery is always dying. This electronic version will definitely solve that. Great find!

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