Painting Clouds… It’s harder than you think

After doing a little googling I sat down to do a little painting. Clouds this time! I had settled on this video, however once I started to actually try to paint along with the video I found it difficult to follow along. So back to the drawing board I went!

This time, after doing some more googling and watching youtube videos I settled on this one:

I absolutely loved this video! So helpful! What a treasure online learning is when you find the right resource! So once again I went to do some painting. However, even with the right resource learning can sometimes be hard!

My first attempt at painting clouds went okay… ish. But I found myself doing exactly what the video says not to do. Which was blend the clouds to much and leave a bright white strip along the top of the clouds. So onto my second attempt I went!


This time I tried a different approach. I blended less this time and added more white. This did not go well. The extra white I added on made the clouds look chunky. I would also have to say blending is probably one of the most important parts. With clouds you add the white paint first and then blend the bottom of the cloud into the background. When I blended less this time it make the clouds look as if they were animated and it created a blue gap between clouds that should have been overlapping… not the look I was going for.

As it turns out sometimes it really is “third times the charm”. At least for these clouds anyways. This time I blended a fair bit, but not to much, maybe blending half an inch under each cloud. As for adding more white, I still added extra, however, I only added highlights where I thought the clouds needed a little bit more eumph! So to speak. Overall, I’m happy with this go round of clouds.

Now after all of this practice on the smaller canvases it was time to put my cloud skills to this test. I went and found this YouTube video that was a painting tutorial of a canola field with a lot of clouds! Should be easy with all the practice, right? Not so much. But that is okay! I have been pushed out of my comfort zone with this painting, but I am loving all of these learning curves. Because of all the practice earlier it wasn’t so much the clouds that were the tricky part but the field. But I suppose that is why it is called learning. If I were to do this painting again I would make the yellow/white dots (the canola) smaller and closer together. But that is something to learn from! Here is a picture of my practice being put to use!

With all things taken into consideration, I would say that I am happy with my learning project progress this week! I also have an idea for the next step in my project… Lakes. rivers, and streams!


9 thoughts on “Painting Clouds… It’s harder than you think

  1. I really enjoyed seeing your progression of cloud paintings and how you learned along the way. Learning from the internwt is tricky, because everybody has such different style. I have also had to go back and find new learning sources halfway through. I absolutely love the clouds on your final painting, the practice has paid off!

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