Tweet Tweet I hear a Tweetie Bird

When I first signed up for twitter I did so because it was a mandatory tool used at an anti-bullying conference for the campaign I Am Stronger. I used it throughout the conference but never really touched it much after. I followed the people whom I came into contact with at the time and they followed me back. Besides the few tweets that followed the conference I think I tweeted a few times in regards to the achievements of the sports teams I was a part of. Once in university I used it for a class or to, but only to contribute a tweet or two to the class conversation using the class hashtag. Needless to say, I did not use twitter to its full potential.

Claude Bélanger Flickr via Compfight cc

Once the class, ECMP 355, started I really started to dive in; partially because were supposed to be actively taking part in twitter for the class and partially because once I found out who to follow I really started to do some learning. I followed educators, educational technology accounts, and a various others in regards to education. From there I was able to find link to articles that matched my teaching philosophy and start to build a professional learning network (PLN).

Last Thursday as a class we took part in #saskedchat which is a chat on twitter that allows educators from Saskatchewan (and some from out of province) to take part in a facilitated chat where everyone communicates whiles answering a series of questions. It is quite the event to take in. Take a look at Jordan Ingola’s tweet prior to the chat for example:

While the chat goes quickly and is intense, it is something I truly enjoy. Without leaving the comfort of your home #saskedchat (and Twitter) allows you to connect with educators from all over the world! By taking part of these chats and taking time to communicate by replying, retweeting, following, etc. you are engaging in the professional development experience AND building your own PLN. I love it!

Currently I use twitter as a way to connect/communicate with other educators, share resources, as well as on a personal level. While my account @kplacatka is a personal one, I use it professionally. I do not like/share/retweet anything that is vulgar or inappropriate. However, I think it is important for students to have a teacher that models what it is like to be an engaged citizen. With that being said, teachers are human and have personal interactions. As long as those interactions aren’t harmful or hurtful in any way and portrays a positive image for all teachers then I think it is okay to have a single account. Hence, my choice to continue my personal account instead of creating a separate account for students and parents to see.


8 thoughts on “Tweet Tweet I hear a Tweetie Bird

  1. misskeenblog

    Kaytlyn I just have to say how much I love your site! It looks like you have spent a lot of time on it. Very professional and well organized. You’ve inspired me to step my game up! I really want to start uploading lesson plans I’ve created and other resources. It feels like such a huge task to take on though! Any tips?

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    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot! I to was feeling overwhelmed when I started to organize.. and often second guessing which under which heading I should put things. My advice would be to start small. Do something every day, organize your menu, decide where you want your pages to fall under your menu, and then just slowly start upload your lessons (even if its one a day, it’ll make a difference in the long haul!).

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