Smokin Oakin

When I begin thinking about different landscapes one of the more common elements that are consistently repeated are TREES. With that being said, this post will be about my progress with painting trees that show up in landscapes. But of course, there are many types of trees. For today I’m focusing on an Oak tree. For this tree I chose to use a YouTube tutorial as inspiration to learn from. Before going to my main canvas I took a practice go round in my sketch book.

As you flip through the slide show below it shows my progress from the first step (creating the branches) to the last step (adding the white highlights on different area’s of the tree). Each of these steps I learned was significant because when focusing on landscape painting the smallest details are often the ones that matter most.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Before jumping to the canvas to paint what I had just learned I wanted to learn more about how to paint grass. For this I followed this video.

My last step before jumping to the canvas was to do some more research.

In this video, I learned about the variety of shades, colors, tones, and highlights that trees carry and how each of those is presented can make a difference in your painting. Mark Waller from Explore Acrylic Painting has a variety of YouTube video’s that not only apply to painting trees but also all about landscape painting (I might have just hit the resource jackpot). Something to keep in mind.

Finally I went to my canvas! I felt pretty confident after doing my research and practicing in my sketch book. For this piece I chose to follow this painting tutorial on YouTube while bringing in what I had learnt in the previous tutorials. Here is my result!

There is definitely room for improvement. I could have spent more time on the grass and the background is very plain. If I were to do it again I would spend more time on the grass as well as put something in the background to fill up space. Something to learn from!

Overall I’m pretty happy with the results. However, this painting was more of a step in the right direction for this project as the focus is on landscapes, not trees. But trees are one vital element to more landscape pieces. Well that’s one tool for the tool belt! Check in later for more progress about how my learning project is going!


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