An Intro to Feedly

Feedly is a website that collects feeds (articles, journals, that type of thing) and congregates it into one location based on the type of material you personally choose to follow. Basically its like a twitter in that it has a newsfeed where you can find the latest stories of the day. You follow people or organizations that are of a particular interest to you.

Here is a screenshot of what my Feedly account looks like:

I have currently subscribed to several blogs and other education related sources such as EdTech, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, and Teach Thought. I chose to follow these sources because through this course I want to develop my educational technology skills. One tool that I can use to learn about Educational Technology through is Feedly. By reading these types of articles it then  deepens my learning.

EdTech, for example, consists of different stories that relate to education and technology. In particular, today I read this article. Within the article the author examines different statistics that relates to low-income families and their thoughts/feelings towards technology in the classroom. Meanwhile, a different source a chose to follow, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, is a bit different. They offer articles directly related to educational web based resources. Along with bringing mobile apps to light for both teachers and students. Overall, they are both sources that I like and will continue to follow.


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