And so it Begins!

Welcome my learning project! For this assignment I have chosen to learn how to paint landscapes.

To give you all an idea of where exactly where I currently am with my paintings here are a few pictures:

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It is my goal to, through this project, to learn more about landscapes and gain some new painting techniques. I want to take my paintings to a new level. Often times after finishing a painting I still feel somewhat dissatisfied, like something is missing. I am comfortable painting most things, with the exception landscapes. I am comfortable with a lake/sunset reflecting on the water paintings but struggle with other scenes. I am hoping to find the solution to this through my #learningproject ! Previous to today I have worked with various mixed media (i.e. gauche, watercolor, pastel, chalk, etc.), but my favorite is acrylic. Acrylic paints drys fast and allows your paper or canvas to be rolled up without the fear of cracking. Acrylic paint can be mixed with water to get a more transparent look when applied to canvas (Acrylic paint when mixed with water is comparable to water color). Acrylic paint is affordable (especially when in comparison to higher quality paints or a different medium, such as oil paints), which is important to take into consideration  for us university students and well as for teachers and students. While I did take these points into consideration when deciding on my medium, I chose acrylic paint because it allows for flexibility and it is durable.

As for what I’ll be painting on, that will vary between canvas, paper, heck maybe even on wood! Who knows!



3 thoughts on “And so it Begins!

  1. Kaytlyn, I always admire artists. Such vision and the ability to transpose this onto whichever surface you choose – looks like you want to try a variety. 🙂 Have you heard of Bob Ross? He loves painting landscapes and had a show in the 70s where he taught painting in half hour segments. Amazing teacher. One of his lessons on trees –

    His bio –


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