Creative Technology in the Classroom

As we all know technology in the classroom is evolving at a rapid pace. With all of the advancements technology is making we, as educators, must decide what the role of technology will be in our classroom. Some creative technology for the classroom that I have come across so far that allows for communication, instant feedback, and learning (not to mention fun) are the following:


Kahoot is a interactive, super fun, website that is exciting for a whole class to use. The teacher simply creates short quizzes with answers for the students to choose from (i.e. If you think _______ then click this box, if you think this ________ then click this box, etc.). This website is an excellent way for teachers to have  full participation in a classroom activity.



GoNoodle is an app that is full of movement break activities that students can do beside their desks! Movement breaks help students to learn far more efficiently then just sitting “staying still” in their desks; besides physical activity is good for everyone and helps students to achieve 60 minutes of physical activity per day.  Who wouldn’t want that?


Poll Everywhere:

Poll Everywhere is a lot like Kahoot. With the exception of it being a more mature version and is run through a mobile device or anything that allows for instant messaging. It is typically used for longer style questions where there are multiple answers for students to choose from by sending a letter (i.e. A, B, C, or D) via text message to a teachers poll. This is a great resource for instant feedback from students or for forming anonymous opinions that can then be used to create a discussion in class.



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